About the Owners

Our team is owned is a comprehensive sports and recreational management organization that specializes in operating sports programs. C&G Sports Management is spear-headed by Thomas Conserette, Sr., owner and CEO, along with Thomas Conserette, Jr., Scott Garrity and John McDonough. Tom Sr. has more than 25 years of experience in football management. He was co-founder and developer of the All County Conference Junior Football Association. He served as vice president of the league for three years, at which point he served as president for an additional seven years. The league is now considered one of the premier junior football leagues in the region.

The Electric City Chargers is another program founded by the owner group of C&G Sports Management. The Chargers are a Professional Development program based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Chargers debuted in 2008. In only four years the Chargers had gained recognition as one of the most respected programs in the northeast region. By 2011, the Electric City Chargers were undefeated Regional American Football League champions and ranked sixth nationally according to both Minor League Football News and the National Coaches Poll. Following the success of the Electric City Chargers, C&G Sports Management aims to reproduce and exceed that success with the Baltimore Mariners.

The Mariners will compete at the Baltimore Arena located in Baltimore, Maryland in the American Indoor Football (AIF) league. The overarching goal of this team is to provide profitable family-friendly entertainment first and foremost, and contribute to the betterment of our local community. Products and services will include pre-season exhibitions and events, four home games each season, and the potential for post-season games. In addition to general sports entertainment, the organization will consist of a dance team and mascot. These three aspects combined will contribute to the entertainment value of our services. Above and beyond the basic entertainment offerings, we plan to host promotional and community events, collaborate with local non-profit events, and organize volunteer opportunities.

C&G Sports Management feel there was a void left of professional arena football in our target area of Baltimore, Maryland. Not only is there a market for football fans, but there is a need for players, coaches, and personnel who have a passion for the sport. The Baltimore Mariners will open opportunities for employment as well as satiate a need in the community for a local professional arena football team to rally behind.

The goal of C&G Sports Management is to use our passion for the community and the sport to provide the city of Baltimore with a high quality sports entertainment experience. C&G Sports Management, in conjunction with our fans, business affiliates, and employees, will use sound business concepts to provide a high quality sports product that will benefit the community.

We Will:

  • Earn the respect of both the league and our community as a first class organization
  • Actively participate in local communities by engaging in partnerships with other locally owned businesses and non-profits that serve our area
  • Achieve the highest event attendance in the AIF
  • Build a championship organization for the Charm City of Baltimore.